Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8 - Traces

I decided to take my camera with me on our 'doggy' walk this evening. I bought a really neat camera carrier over the break (It's called Cotton Carrier). It looks kind of like a flak jacket that police officers wear so it's not exactly a fashion statement. However, you can hook your camera on and not worry about it falling or swinging around. It's one of the better purchases I've made.
Anyway, back to the photo. While we were walking Peg pointed out the tractor tracks. We decided they'd make an interesting photo. As we continued walking I was thinking about the photo and what I would say about it. Like tractors, we too leave traces behind. What trace have you left today?

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Bonnie K said...

You are offically in my Google Reader with your new blog address and I like the idea of the Cotton Carrier.
Great photo challenge here. I like the buses too.
I will be back to see more,