Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 21 - Surprise!

I realize I said in yesterday's blog that I would have pictures of the beetles in the next couple of weeks. Well, as you see here it happened sooner than we expected. These are pictures of my mealworm, now Darkling Beetle, Zoey. When she is completely done her metamorphosis she will be dark brown. Zoey was already in a pupa stage when we got the mealworms a couple of weeks ago. I put her aside but wasn't so sure that she was still alive. Today during class one of the students noticed that she was moving. So we expected change soon. I had two students working with me after school, A and K. 'A' just happened to be looking into the container when Zoey magically turned into a beetle. We took her out of the container and put her on a piece of construction paper so I could take pictures. Watching her through the micro lens was amazing. We could see her learning to walk with her new found legs. The girls figured Zoey would need a bigger home now that she's a beetle so they found a container, put in some bran, a piece of potato and even built her a little paper house and toothpick ladder. I'm sure Zoey is enjoying her new home while she awaits the arrival of the other beetles.

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Kristy Johnson said...

Wow! That's pretty amazing!