Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 3 - Diggin' for Spring

This is one of our Great Danes, Dexter. Dexter is 2 years old and he LOVES to dig. As you can imagine, paws as be as his don’t take very long to dig significant holes. The good thing about Winter holes is that they make a lot less mess than the ones made during rainy seasons. You also don’t need to haul in snow (or dirt) to repair them. Let’s just say that our mop spent a lot of time out of its cupboard between March and December.
I was outside looking to be inspired for Day 3’s photo. Dexter came to the rescue. When I saw him it made me wonder what he was digging for - like he ever needs a reason - and thought, “Hey maybe he’s diggin’ for Spring.” If that’s the case he’s got a ways to go. Here’s to Winter’s clean digging!

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