Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 6 - She's a real bear

Okay, so Peg’s not a real bear but her hat makes her look like one. She actually purchased the hat this summer. We had a nice lunch at Cafe du Monde and then went walking around Old Quebec. We decided to ‘play’ tourists and wandered around some tourist shops. Peg found a rack of assorted animal hats and chose this one. The hat’s called a ‘knitwit’ (Be careful. I said knitwit not nitwit.). She figured if she’s going to have white hair she might as well look like a Polar Bear.

It keeps students at school entertained. She’d heard comments such as:
“Hey Miss, should you be wearing that during hunting season?” “Miss are you a cow or a kanagroo?” ) Obviously, this student needs to brush up on her animal knowledge. I guess it’s a multipurpose hat. It keeps her head warm as well as making people smile and talk.

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