Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 24 - Nothing but blue sky - for now

When I checked the weather and saw that we had a week of cloud, freezing rain, rain, snow, scattered flurries and wind ahead of us I figured I better capture the blue sky while it's visible. It's hard to believe what's coming when you feel the sun on your face and there's not a cloud to be seen. However, I guess we need those cloudy days to appreciate the sunny ones. Not to mention the necessary moisture they bring to the water table.
Stay warm and dry and remember the blue sky is always there even if it's behind a few clouds.


Kristy Johnson said...

Same weather headed here. Glad you captured the calm before the storm!

susanvg said...

We can sure use some moisture - but the expected heavy weather is not what I would like. Hard to snowshoe on grass!