Sunday, April 7, 2013


While in New York we saw a few Apple Stores.  The above picture was taken in the evening.  This logo is from the one closest to our hotel in Manhattan. I really like the duplicity of the logo on the glass entrance. I was selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator this year. I will be heading off to Austin, Texas in July for training. I am thrilled to be given this opportunity.


My favourite hobby is of course, photography.  For this theme I decided to take a picture of camera with the new accessory I purchased while in New York at the amazing B&H Photo Store.  I thought it would come in handy when taking pictures of the little ones.  It even has a little squeaker in it.  The other camera you see reflected in the dusty lens filter is the new point and shoot that I also purchased in New York.  I could have spent so much more money in that store but managed to restrain myself. 

Brand New

A brand new lemon tree seedling is portrayed in this picture.  We're not sure how big these seedlings will get but we're enjoying watching them grow.  They came from seeds Peg got from a lemon.  Every time I see it I get the       'Lemon Tree" song playing in my head.  Oh no, there it goes again.  "Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat."

Soup Man

Well, this picture doesn't really fit into any of the themes but I thought I had to include it, especially for any Seinfeld fans who might be following my blog.  This is the where the line, "No soup for you." originated.  We didn't get a chance to stop by for a bowl of soup but I managed to snap a picture of the sign as our tour bus went by.  So there was no soup for us.

Texture - Prickly Cactus

A macro shot of a cactus we have on the windowsill in the washroom.  I thought this would be a good picture for this theme as it has a variety of textures. 

Landmark - Grand Central Station

While in New York City we had to visit Grand Central Station.  This is definitely a well known landmark and has been portrayed in many movies and shows.  I have to say it's definitely the most beautiful train station I've ever seen. Peg couldn't stop looking upwards!

Foolish and Fun

Spent Friday, April 5th at the Museum of Civilization here in Quebec City.  No, I wasn't visiting the exhibits.  I was attending our Annual Regional Robotic 'Amicale" (loosely translated ...a friendly meet).  I was responsible for taking the photos.  Our School Board had 4 teams participating and one of them placed 2nd. There were 17 elementary teams and 11 high school teams.
This young man is from one of our schools and was having some fun.  He seems to be a very happy young man and his smile is contagious. A great reminder to take time every day to let yourself be a little, or a lot, silly.