Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 7 - Yellow Buses

As green leaves are a sign of Spring, yellow school buses are a sign that kids are back at school. Today was our students’ first day of school in 2010. While most were happy to be back there were many tired faces. As we all know, it’s tough to get back into routine. There were hugs, smiles and many holiday stories throughout the school. However, everyone was looking forward to heading home at the end of the day, even teachers.
We sometimes have problems with cars passing the buses while we’re loading. I think I found the solution while taking pictures today. I was able to go out before the students were dismissed and the buses had yet to turn on their lights. While I was taking pictures I had two drivers ask if it was okay to pass. Maybe we should take pictures everyday!

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susanvg said...

I like this shot. I live up the street from a school. I always have to remember to take another route home at dismissal time so I don't have an interminable wait for all the buses to be loaded.