Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 29 - Olympic Challenge

For the last four days the Olympics have been at our school. Although Peg, who just happens to be the Gym teacher, has been preparing for weeks she trained the leaders on Tuesday. She spent the Tuesday training her 36 leaders from Cycle 1 all the way to Cycle 3 (Grade 1 to 6). They learned all the 12 events and helped prepare the material. They had a day out of classes but worked hard just the same.
On Wednesday we had the opening ceremonies. All the team flags, as well as the Canadian flag, were carried in by the leaders. The Canadian anthem was sung and they read an adapted version of the athletes' oath. They also wore their team colours and created a cheer. On Thursday and Friday each cycle participated in their Olympic events. Teachers were there for support but the leaders did all the teaching. The Cycle 1 leaders lead the Kindergarten events, the Cycle 2 lead Cycle 1 and Cycle 3 lead Cycle 2 and helped out during their cycle's events as well.
Of course the finale was the closing ceremonies where medals were presented, cheers chanted and thank yous said to the many people who made the event possible. It was an amazing few days! There were NO discipline problems, the kids were enthusiastic and the leaders did a fabulous job. The picture above is a group of Cycle 1 students attentively listening to their Cycle 2 leader. I felt this picture captured the respect and camaraderie that was the centre of this wonderful event. I was proud of our students. They demonstrated the true Olympic spirit. Bravo, kids!

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Kristy Johnson said...

This is a great candid photo! Love the B&W!