Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 318 - Honouring the Loggers

I seem to be posting late these days. Life is busy with marking, report cards, portfolios and the day to day stuff. The week ahead promises to be even busier. I'm posting tonight so I can at least start the week off on the right foot. The good news is that after this week things should slow down slightly and I'll have more time to contemplate my photos and write my entries.
Managed a little fresh air and took a walk in Old Quebec again. This statue was tucked in between two buildings and caught my eye as I walked by. Due to parked cars I wasn't able to get all the logs in the photo. This statue was placed here in honour of the logger. To be honest we didn't have a long time to stop and read so I don't know much more about it. I guess I'll have to go back. The great part of living in Quebec City is that you can be a tourist year round.


susanvg said...

For he goes birling down a-down the white water
That's where the log driver learns to step lightly

Kristy Johnson said...

I can totally relate to the craziness at school right now! Similar activities! Nice shot!