Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 313 - Cindy's First Poppy

Thursday is Remembrance Day and as always we'll be having a ceremony. Each year we try to make it more meaningful to the kids. This year I decided to make up a digital photostory using a touching story I found on the internet. I've included it for anyone interested in using the idea. 'N' kindly helped me by posing for some of the pictures in the story.

Cindy’s First Poppy

Narrator – It was a cold windy afternoon in November. Cindy was on the bus coming home from school. The School bus passed the grocery store and the bank as it did every day. But today Cindy saw something different. The older children on the bus were talking and pointing. Cindy listened to them but was puzzled.
When Cindy got off the bus, she ran into her house. She quickly took off her coat, hat and boots. Her grandpa was visiting so she hurried over to him, grabbed his hand and pulled him into the living room.

Cindy – Grandpa, I saw a man dressed in a uniform giving away red flowers. The man was wearing a red flower just like the one you have on your shirt. The older kids on the bus were talking about the man and the war. They called it Novenbrance Day. What were they talking about?

Grandpa – Well Cindy, first of all it’s called Remembrance Day. I will be happy to tell you what it is all about.

Grandpa – The man that you saw in the uniform was once a brave soldier. Many soldiers have fought in different wars throughout history. You see, wars are not just stories of the past, they are going on right now in other countries. Wars are fought for many different reasons: to protect our freedom, sometimes to change things, but most of all to keep peace throughout the world.

Cindy – I see Grandpa, but what are the red flowers for?

Grandpa – The red flowers that the soldier was giving away are called Poppies. In return for the Poppy, people give him money. The money is used to help soldiers and their families.

Cindy – Why do they give Poppies and not some other flower?

Grandpa – They chose the Poppy because the worst fighting in history took place in an area called Flanders, in a country called Belgium. In the spring, while the war was still going on, Poppies bloomed in the fields that were destroyed by the war. The soldiers were amazed that something so beautiful as the Poppy could grow in such an ugly wasteland.

Grandpa then reached for the Poppy on his shirt and unpinned it. He held it carefully in his hand and stared at it for a second and then continued.

Grandpa – That is why the Poppy became a symbol of Remembrance of the war. Our soldiers have fought very hard for peace and they left us with the job of keeping it. We must learn to live peacefully everyday, not just with our neighbors but with the entire world. I have a little poem that I like to tell people about Remembrance Day. Would you like to hear it Cindy?

Cindy – Yes

Grandpa – We wear a Poppy in November
To show that we’re proud
And that we remember.

Cindy looked at her grandpa then turned and ran to her room. Grandpa was puzzled. Cindy returned with her hands full of coins and said,

Cindy – Grandpa, can I go get you a Poppy now?

Grandpa – You certainly can Cindy. You certainly can!


Kim said...

This picture makes me smile.

susanvg said...

Nice photo to illustrate the story.

Monica said...

I've never heard that story before. Thanks for sharing. The accompanying photo is perfect.

Anonymous said...

A sweet and touching story and your illustration is terrific.