Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 314 - Custode or Pyx?

I was at my school today as a consultant. It was my second session working with Cycle 3 students. Two of our classes have been learning about antiques. As part of the LES (Learning and Evaluation Situation) they were to bring an antique from home and record a VoiceThread about it. It was interesting to see what some students consider as antique. One student actually brought in a Walkman! As I was discussing the experience with some fellow teachers we caught ourselves asking, "What makes something an antique? How old does it need to be?" I guess that's a question to investigate.
One of the objects brought by a student was a pyx. A pyx is a container for the reserved host; especially : a small round metal receptacle used to carry the Eucharist to the sick. She knew it was "une custode" in French and thought that it was the same word in English, only pronounced differently. We decided to do a little research online and found that the word we were looking for was pyx. Imagine, learning something at school.

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susanvg said...

I just learned something. As to antiques - I think 100 years is sometimes the cutoff but when you are only 10 antiques must be something people don't use any more (like a walkman).