Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 235 - Blueberries

Another shot from the farm. Peg found these yummy berries while we were walking the dogs. Luckily for me, she let me take a few shots before picking them. Just for the record, they were delicious!


Anonymous said...

Great use of shallow depth of field - it leads me to think there are oodles of berries in the patch beyond...

I sent you an email about signatures - I hope you got it?


Monica said...

I love your last few posts! You are so creative in your choice of subject, angles and depth of field.

As for my signature, my sister-in-law created it for me. I brought it into Photoshop, used the selection tool to select the entire thing and then clicked "Define Brush" under Edit. Then, whenever I want to use it, I just click on the brush tool, find my signature brush and voila! Oh, but be sure to add the signature to a new layer so you can adjust the opacity. I often go with an opacity of 30% or so.


Kristy Johnson said...

Excellent shot! Ready to eat!