Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 219 - Modern Day Tin Man

While walking around Old Quebec we saw a number of street performers. I was able to capture this silver performer in a statue position. He had music and a little sign that says "Money makes me move". Unfortunately, we didn't get to see him perform for long but it was much easier taking his picture when he was still. We also saw his fellow 'goldman' but he was packing up as we came around the corner. Oh well, maybe next time. I like the contrast of silver against the green trees. Peg says she gets itchy just looking at him with all that face makeup on.


Kristy Johnson said...

We saw some performers like this on my daughter's 8th grade trip last year! Very impressive performers, and super shot by you!

susanvg said...

Nice one. I don't know how these performers manage to stay still for so long.