Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 224 - On the road to Toronto

It was a long but smooth drive to Toronto. We managed to miss the Montreal traffic for the most part and arrived in Kingston around 3:30. We met our dear friend Kim who is visiting her son there. We haven't seen her since the fall so it was nice to catch up. She treated us to a lovely supper and then we got back in the car and finished the last leg to Toronto. I did all the driving so Peg used the iPhone to take a few pictures. There was a beautiful sunset but it was a bit much for the iPhone camera to handle. This is a shot of the 401 highway that goes through Ontario. It has 4 lanes on each side plus what they call collector lanes. It's a bit stressful to drive on at times but since it was later in the day it wasn't as bad. Made it safe and sound to Mississauga by about 9:30.


susanvg said...

Works in Black and White.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I hate driving in Toronto. We have to go there a few times a year for my daughter's ringette tournaments and it is torture!