Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 220 - Pea-Ka-Boo

YES! Our peas are ready! Well, not all of them but enough to munch on. We plant peas every year but somehow none of them ever end up in the house. Usually they're ready when we start school so they become our after school snack. The beautiful weather we've had this summer have brought them early. We've had a few small pickings and there's still more.
Peg gave me the idea of using them for my photo today. We kept one aside, I took out the macro and snapped a few shots. I like this one because it shows the smoothness of the peas. Once the 'shooting' was done we ate the subject. Now, that's what I call edible photography!


Kristy Johnson said...

This is an excellent shot! Well done!

Nedra said...

Great shot! Aren't macros fun!

Anonymous said...

A really nice macro! Nice that you zoomed in on just a small part of it and leave the rest to the imagination.