Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 171 - Happy Birthday Sarah!

Yesterday, we celebrated a life about to start. Today we had the privilege of celebrating one that has been being lived for forty years. We told Sarah that she is now 4 perfect 10's! Once again we had yummy food and enjoyable company. While there I had a great discussion with a mutual friend, Nat. We chatted about photography and we are now photo buddies. We've already planned a few photo shoot locations. It truly is a pleasure to share my photography passion with a fellow fanatic. In between discussions we ate and took pictures of course. The above picture was taken by Nat while she was playing with my camera. Thanks Nat. Here's to many more pictures and happy birthdays amongst friends.

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susanvg said...

This looks quite decadent - nice to have had a photographer around to record the occasion ;-)