Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 153 - Rainy Day at Camp

Headed to Camp Keno with all the Cycle 3 students and teachers on Wednesday morning. The rain held off until we arrived and put all our bags in the cabins. Unfortunately, it rained for most of the day but the kids didn't seem to mind. They continued doing all their activities and I didn't hear any complaints. Shortly after lunch the teachers and I were in our cabin. The rain started coming down quite hard so I went outside to snap some shots. We had a deck on our cabin so I was able to take pictures of the rain without getting me or my camera wet. The rain did let up a bit in the later afternoon and early evening and then came back out during the night.
Although it might not be the best weather for camping, we certainly need the moisture. Besides, it often makes for more interesting camp stories. One group was out in their canoe when the rain started. They didn't fall in the lake but kind of looked like they had. Once again, no complaints only smiles. Yeah, camp!


playingwithpixels said...

Gorgeous! I can see so much detail, even a spiderweb stretched from leaf to leaf, and I feel almost as if I can feel the dampness. It's a lovely shot.


susanvg said...

I love this - the drops hanging on the leaves and the soft background.