Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 164 -Dog Day Afternoon

Ever since Dexter was a pup he would lie on his back, stretch out his back legs and gently gnaw on his front legs. We're convinced that this is the dog equivalent of sucking your thumb. Since Sadie's leg is recovering she's not as playful as usual so poor old Dexter has had to entertain himself. As well as 'sucking his thumb' he's been following Peg and I around as we do house and yard chores, barking at the neighbours and their guest as well as going for his daily walk. By the looks of it, nothing quite measures up to romping with his buddy Sadie. If all goes well the romping should resume tomorrow.


Kristy Johnson said...

Very cute picture of Dexter! I like the B&W. It really shows off how shiny Dexter's fur is. (Maybe he needs a doggie pacifier???)

susanvg said...

He doesn't look too unhappy. Hope all goes well for Sadie and that she'll be running around soon.