Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 167 - Happy Parachute

The parachute is a piece of equipment loved by children of all ages and many adults too. Peg doesn't usually bring the parachute outside because it's quite tricky to hang onto if there's any kind of wind. Fortunately, today was a sunny and calm day so she brought it out for her younger students. You can't see their faces in this picture but trust me when I say there was a big smile on all the little faces. The students above are making a balloon with the parachute. They need to lift the parachute as high as they can and then walk towards the middle to create the shape of a balloon. Between a sunny day, colourful parachute and happy kids it was impossible to watch without smiling.


Kristy Johnson said...

I've seen those faces firsthand! I know totally what you're talking about. (I also recently pulled a rib out of place trying to hold a parachute with my class on a windy day- best it be calm!) Nice shot!

susanvg said...

And caught at the right moment - you can feel the joy ballooning up.