Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 79 - Shades of Blue

This is one of my favourite trees in the neighbourhood. It's a Linden tree. Soon it will be full of leaves and then in the Summer, fragrant white flowers will appear.
The tree is at the entrance to our crescent so I see it everyday on the way home from work or from walking the dogs. It never fails to make me smile, no matter the season. I'm not sure if it's the shape, the fullness, the smell or maybe all of it.
This picture was taken at sunset. The sky was striated with shades of blue and purple. I couldn't resist the combination of my favourite tree and favourite colour, blue.


Kristy Johnson said...

Lovely silhouette against a pretty sky! Nicely done!

susanvg said...

Kristy stole my words. Nice shot!