Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 68 - Makeshift Tapping

Didn't feel like lugging my big camera with me today on our walk and my new Canon had to be sent back for repairs (sniff, sniff) so I brought my handy iPhone with me. I've been thinking about heading to the outskirts of town to get some maple pictures. Well, today I discovered that I could get one right here in town. We were walking the dogs when we noticed this setup in someone's front yard.

I tried to catch the sap in action. The iPhone takes pretty good pictures but it's tricky to keep a steady hand to get a clear shot. The sap seemed to be running steadily as the container was almost 2/3 full. I wonder what they plan on doing with the sap. If they're going to boil it to make syrup they're going to need to eat a lot more meat sauce!


susanvg said...

Perfect weather for the sap - warm days and cold nights. Nothing like maple syrup - mmm mmmm

Kristy Johnson said...

Can just see the drip dropping!