Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 73 - A Walk in the Park

Another beautiful day here in Quebec. Peg and I loaded up the dogs and headed to the Plains of Abraham to meet friends for a walk. It was a bit windy but a perfect day for a stroll in the park. We are indeed very lucky to have such a picturesque place so close to home.
Little 'L' joined his mom and dad for the outing. While the rest of us were walking he checked out the scenery from his backpack. He seemed to enjoy being on his dad's back and was, as always, in a wonderful mood. I couldn't resist taking a picture of him with his cool shades. It was quite easy to capture his smile while his dad (seen in reflection) was entertaining him. Fresh air, exercise, friends, and baby smiles...all the ingredients needed for a great outing.

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susanvg said...

Sounds great - and "cool" shot. I like the smile and reflections.