Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 34 - A Mile in Someone else's Sneakers

Yes, I know the expression it's supposed to be moccasins instead of sneakers but today I did in fact walk in someone else's sneakers and I have gained a whole new appreciation for what she does. Like I mentioned before I teach Gym one 1/2 day every Day 4. Well today was a Day 4 but the regular Gym teacher, Peg, was absent. In fact she's out all week with Laryngitis. Since it's difficult to find a sub for a 1/2 day, especially in the gym, I volunteered to teach her classes for the day.
Overall, it was a fun day even if I had to teach the little guys. Now, don't get me wrong. I really like little kids but I feel much more at home teaching the older ones. I had a great time at the parachute station and supervising a great game of team pinball. I have to admit I was somewhat surprised at how those little 'innocent' children cheat.
So, even though Peg planned the lessons and helped me set up in the morning I finished the day EXHAUSTED and even more appreciative of all she does. Let's just say after walking a mile (actually probably farther today) in her sneakers I'm ready to take them off and put my feet up.

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Kristy Johnson said...

Yes, such is the life of those of us teaching the "little kids". But I think you'd have to look long and far to find some of us brave enough to teach the "older kids". The beauty is that everyone has a different age level that they enjoy, and likely excel at. Thank goodness!