Sunday, January 6, 2013

Saying it with Words or a Word

To help me with inspiration this year I'm using Katrina Kennedy's "Grab Your 365 Photo Prompt".  I've signed up for her prompts and get a new one for each day.  She also sends out a monthly list.  She has a site with ideas, samples and lessons.  You can even sign up for courses.  If you're looking for inspiration, I highly recommend checking out her site
Today's prompt is "Photograph with Words". The above picture is a portrait picture I took of little Liam.  As you can tell, I did a little bit of 'Photoshopping'.  He was wearing red socks but his outfit was also red so the socks blended instead of standing out as I wanted them too.  I added a black and white layer and then erased the layer from his socks. I originally got the idea for this photo setup from Pinterest, another great place to look for ideas.