Saturday, January 5, 2013

Missing Danes

2012 was a difficult year for us and our Danes.  Sadie passed away early in March and Dexter midway through August.  Many tears have been shed and we miss them both dearly.  Our home just isn't the same without a 'DAWG'.  Over the Christmas break we were able to go visit Dantry Danes (Where we got both Sadie and Dexter.) in Ontario.  It was great to see Matt and Danielle and it was wonderful to be in a house full of dogs.  We got lots of petting in (You can see Sophie was pretty happy to snuggle with Christopher) and even went to see a couple of them strut their stuff at a nearby dog show.  Oakley did very well.  The best news is that we put in our order for a new puppy!  We will be getting a pup from Sophie and Oakley's litter. The pups are due to be born sometime in May so we should be able to bring our little one home in July.  Both Sophie and Oakley are beautiful, inside and out, so I'm sure it'll be an amazing litter.  We're hoping for a blue boy and have already started looking at names.  Suggestions are welcome.


susanvg said...

I didn't know about the dogs. So hard to lose a pet. Looking forward to puppy shots in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ladies, the house must seem so empty without your babes.