Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 53 - Individuality

In a world that often promotes sameness, it's always nice to capture uniqueness. One of my students brought this apple to school. Before eating it she brought it to show me. It was sort of an apple for the teacher. No, I didn't get to eat it but I did get to capture it. Thanks, Sara.

p.s. Behind once again. I do promise to do my best to keep up to date from now on. Thanks for your patient following.


Misty said...

That's a cool looking apple!

tchesney said...

Now that is unique...even apples can show off their individuality! Awesome!

susanvg said...

Quite unique. And who cares about being behind (as I catch up on more than a week's worth of viewing). Important to find a rhythm that works for you.