Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 257 - Helping Hands

Today we met with our learning buddies for the first time. I'm not too sure who was more excited, my Grade 5/6 kids or the PreK kids we're paired up with. We get together once every 6 day cycle. It allows the PreK teachers to plan activities that require more assistance than they can give all by themselves. It also gives the little guys role models they can look up to. But the little guys aren't the only ones who benefit. My kids get the satisfaction of helping and taking care of younger kids. They love the responsibility and it's a good feeling for them to have someone look up to them.


Anonymous said...

Both my son and daughter got a lot out of being the older 'buddy' in programs like this. Great idea. I like your pics - wish you had more!

susanvg said...

Looks like fun.I am sure all benefit.