Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 118 - Whisk me off to bed

Another busy week at school and home. I was feeling pretty tired tonight while thinking of picture ideas. I thought of taking a picture of the bed because that's really where I wanted to be. However, the bed alone seemed rather blah. So, I decided to go the artistic route and started taking pictures of ordinary things at different angles. I grabbed the whisk to see what I could do and as always Peg came up with a witty phrase, "Whisk me off to bed." Hence, the photo above. Since the bed frame is brass, I decided to convert the pic to black and white to unify the colour. I'll end on that note and whisk myself to bed. Goodnight.


Kristy Johnson said...

Curious shapes! Love the B&W- that really does unify a shot. Well done!

Sarah Vinall said...

I really love this makes you think and I do find myself looking at ordinary objects in such a different way ...lets have more!