Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 110 - Tree Rot

While out at the park I noticed some black stuff on the trees. I thought it kind of looked like charcoal. I didn't know what it was but Peg and Sarah informed me that it was tree rot. Apparently when a tree is infested there is no way to save it and it spreads quite rapidly. Unfortunately, as we walked around we noticed that all the trees in that part of the park had been hit with it. I'm not sure what the city will do but I would guess they'd have to cut down the trees. It is sad because they have to be replaced with trees that grow quickly but are still hardy.


Kristy Johnson said...

Oh yuck! Too bad for these trees!

Anonymous said...

Its not rot its Black Knot. Depending on how bad it is, it can possibly be pruned out.