Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 109 - Transportation Day

Going to Montreal is always an adventure and when I have to go a little further to Laval it almost becomes a transportation day. In one day, I took the train, Metro, taxi and of course travelled a bit by foot. I took this pic while waiting on the platform for my train. Of course, being from out of town I made sure to double check that I was on the right line going in the right direction. Seeing that I don't have to change trains and I go to the end of the line makes it a lot easier for this out of towner. The trip back from Laval was a little more challenging as the train was crowded and for some reason they weren't announcing the name of the stations. Fortunately, I got off on time and didn't have to make any extra trips.
As you may guess from the orange dots, I was on the orange line. Sorry, can't remember the name.

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Nedra said...

Nice shot and nice that they have the colored dots to help you out. I rarely have to use public transportation and when I do I tend to get nervous just because it's a new experience and I worry that I'll end up in the wrong place. When I went to NECC in Washington DC I was thankful that I stayed with people that were more street savvy than I and all I had to do was follow them to get to the train, bus or taxi.