Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 111 - Macro Play

Decided to get out my macro lens and tripod and takes some pictures. I was working inside so I cheated and took out the handy spray bottle. I had plenty of light as I was shooting in the living room in the afternoon. I took lots of photos and was having difficulty with focus. I'm not sure if I wasn't patient enough but I couldn't seem to get a whole leaf in focus, only parts of it. I'm guessing it was the angle of the leaves and the fact that they weren't flat but I'm not sure. I'm open to any advice or pointers. Thanks.


Nedra said...

I would agree that the curve of the leaf plays a roll in having difficulty with the focus. When I use my macro lens I shoot in aperture priority. If I was trying to shoot this leaf and wanted a great depth of field I would set the aperture for 20 or above. I love playing with the macro and trying different settings to see how things will turn out. Taking pictures of water drops are fun too!

Kristy Johnson said...

Nedra had some great advice! I don't have a macro lens yet... but it's next on my list! I hope to learn from you both (and others). I personally love the fact that it's not all in focus. It accentuates the curve of the leaf better that way. Great shot!

susanvg said...

Much to learn - and thinking of getting a new camera with interchangeable lenses - any advice?