Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 101 - Resilience

On the way to Montreal we stopped to let a freight train go by. While we were stopped I looked out of the window and noticed an area that had very few trees. I realized this was part of the area that was devastated during the ice storm in 1998. This stump is one of many that were left behind. After almost 15 years, new growth can be seen. I admire nature's resilience and ability to regenerate but I fear that we often forget the time necessary for this process. As a society we too often take nature's presence for granted when we should be taking care of it.


susanvg said...

So true. And with an election campaign on, it would be nice if the candidates would talk more about what they would do FOR the environment - not just about the economy. We can't keep destroying our planet if we want a future for our children.

Chesney said...

It is sad to see what ice storms can do to trees - such permanent damage that we may never see fixed in our lifetime! Nice capture!