Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 344 - Through a Young Photographer's Eyes

The deadline for getting pictures for our Quebec Roots project is quickly approaching. Since the students chose to write about Walk Around the World they need pictures to go with the theme. We have some fall photos but due to yucky weather we haven't had the chance to get any winter ones. Today was a bit cool but overcast and a PERFECT photo day. I just finished uploading over 200 photos onto my computer and some of them are amazing. With the ones from previous photo shoots I have just over 400 photos. From those 400 plus photos I have to choose 25 to send to the photographer next week. I guess I'll be looking at some photos this weekend.
Although I saw many great pictures today this photo above stood out for me because it's a photo of a young photographer taken by another young photographer.


Kim said...

Wish I had that young photographers lens! Great shot.

longneys said...

Well, it's actually my lens. I brought my cameras to school and let the students use them. Some people say I'm crazy but the students are very respectful of the equipment.

susanvg said...

They are very lucky! You have your work cut out for you - I wouldn't like to have to winnow down the photos.