Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 361 - Making Room

With all the picture taking, the space on my computer's hard drive has slowly been getting smaller and smaller. I decided to go out and buy an external hard drive a couple of months ago. Today, I finally got to the task of moving my photos to the hard drive. I knew I had stored a lot of pictures on my computer over the last few years but I didn't realize just how much until completing this task. I was surprised when I looked at the info from my drive and realized I had used 105 Gb of space for my pictures. Needless to say, my computer's hard drive is a lot less crowded.
Now things are set up for the photos to come and since my external HD has 1TB of space I should be okay for awhile.


Julie McLeod said...

That's a neat shot of your new drive. I like that the depth of field worked to give you some pretty bands of color behind.

We just got a new hard drive too. It will be used for a project of scanning old family slides from the 50s and 60s.

susanvg said...

But don't forget to back up - even new drives can fail.