Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 284 - Tree contrast

Had a lovely afternoon/evening with our godkids and their parents. We went to the park, had a yummy lamb supper, and carved a pumpkin. As Peg was pushing 'E' on the swing I, of course, was snapping pictures. As I was walking around to get a better vantage point I found this lonely red leaf among the wood chips. I like the contrast of the dark red next to the pale chips. Despite the differences between the leaf and chips they both have the same roots; they come from a tree.


Laura said...

ooooh. I REALLY like this. Both the leaf and the wood chips are such organic shapes and colors, but there is still a unique contrast that they create. Nice shot! :)

susanvg said...

Nice contrast in texture between the leaf and the wood.

Monica said...

You are so creative! Once again I'm in awe of your subject choices, the way you can hone in on the natural art we have all around us.