Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 292 - Milkweed

Finished up our workshop in Laval today. It was a great two days and I've learned a lot about writing and photography. I not only learned about the project and how to work on it with my kids but I got lots of great photography resources. The process has pushed me to think about my photos and the need to look at content as well as technique. As in life, I believe balance is the key.
On my drive home I did a lot of thinking and looked around for photo opportunities. Don't worry I kept my eyes on the road as well. There was lots of milkweed along the road and it made me think of the beautiful milkweed pictures one of the teachers took this morning. I took pictures of the milkweed at three stages, closed pod, open and dispersing and empty. I wanted to put all three together so I hit youtube and checked out the tutorial videos. I used the masking tool but only managed to get two of the three in. It's nice to know there's ALWAYS something new to learn.

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susanvg said...

Beautiful effect. So soft and delicate.