Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 209 - Montmorency Falls

Today Peg and I went on another field trip with 'E'. We went for a ride on the Louis-Jolliet with him and his daycare. We had a nice ride on the St. Lawrence. For the first part of the trip we remained downstairs learning many things about boats, St. Lawrence River and a little bit of history. We then ventured to the top deck. The view was beautiful but it was pretty windy. All hats were left downstairs so they wouldn't blow into the river. The above picture is the view of the Montmorency falls we saw from the boat. Overall, a great time.


SurfLola said...

Your photographs are really nice!
My son's class went to these falls a few years ago with his french class. We live in NY.

Kristy Johnson said...

I've driven by these falls a few times, but never stopped. Hoping to visit Quebec before summer's end (but not sure if it will pan out) to look for my husband's relatives (in cemeteries). This reminds me that if we DO make it up, to actually STOP here next time! Thanks for sharing!