Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 202 - Sometimes you feel like a nut

Went in search of water lilies today to no avail. Our neighbourhood garden center had some but they were not open yet. I'll go back in a day or so. They suggested we go to Domaine des Maizurets. We drove there and walked to the pond area. The water level was VERY low and although there was A LOT of algae and some lily pads, no water lilies. I managed to capture a few ducks and then caught this little guy (or girl) on our way out of the park. I saw him and tried to 'call' him closer so I could get a shot. Peg happened to see a peanut nearby and voila. Luckily for me, this model works for peanuts.


susanvg said...

S/he looks quite content. Nice to have a cooperative model.

Helen said...

Some of the best do!

Kristy Johnson said...

Happy little squirrel. So nice of him to pose!