Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 197 - Toy cars and Tinkertoys

Our God-son "E" has been haranguing his parents all week to visit with Aunt Shelley and Auntie Peg. We enjoyed their company tonight for supper and play-time. The toys are a combination of old beloved dinky cars stowed away in Peg's grown-up son's toy box and the new Tinkertoy purchased for new friends. Although the new Tinkertoy is made of plastic and is more colourful, it is not nearly as sturdy as the old wooden set. After "E" left for the evening, I played around with the toys while I was tidying. I like the old and new, black and white and colour contrasts.


Anonymous said...

When I saw the first shot, I thought maybe you took him to the demolition derby!!! Wonderful perspective and the black and white is perfect for this.

susanvg said...

I remember tinkertoys - made of wood. These look garish. I do like your contrast of the old and new.

Kristy Johnson said...

I was thinking the B&W shot had actual cars too! Great job!