Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 151 - Portrait

As you know, I bring my camera to school each day and take every opportunity I can to snap a few pictures. One thing I like doing is taking pictures of my students. Some of them love being my photo subjects while others, like me, prefer to be at the other end of the lens. 'S' is one of those students who usually prefers to be taking the pictures. However, every once in a while she'll ask me to try and take a picture of her. More often than not she doesn't like the end product and will ask me to delete it and sometimes I do. Tomorrow is her last day with us so we made a final attempt today. We both agreed that this was a keeper. She even asked if I could print her a copy. Her smile is natural, the colours seem to go together and it was overcast so the lighting wasn't too bright. I also think it captures her quiet but sometimes mischievous character. She's a neat kid and I've enjoyed getting to know her. I wish her all the best and will hopefully see her again soon.


Kristy Johnson said...

Great portrait! Well done!

susanvg said...

Beautiful portrait (and beautiful subject).