Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 133 - Change of plans

This picture is a perfect example of how we don't always end up where we think we're going. I was under the deck trying to get a picture of a spider in its web. The focusing was tricky, especially since there wasn't a great amount of light beneath the deck. As I was trying to get 'the' shot good old Dexter decided to walk on over and eat the spider and its web. Yep, the blind dog somehow managed to know there was an itty bitty spider hanging out for him to snack on. So, with my original plan sabotaged, I decided to stay under the deck and look around for other possibilities that Dexter wouldn't swallow. I looked over and Sadie seemed to know I needed a subject. I didn't intend to post yet another picture of the dogs but I really like the background in this one. Sadie is standing in front of the hedge between our place and our neighbour's yard. The blur and the sun shining through the bushes gave the above effect.


Kristy Johnson said...

What a great doggie portrait!

susanvg said...

I'm with Kristy - this really caught my eye. Sadie is looking lovely.

Sarah Vinall said...

Absolutely love this photo - and the story that goes with it! What a gorgeous dog!