Sunday, February 5, 2012

2/100 - Sebastien

Sebastien was another Apple Distinguished educator presenting during our session at Apple.  Sebastien is a principal but prefers to think of himself as a pedagogical leader.  He taught for 15 years before taking on his newest role as leader.  He, like Jacques, is passionate about teaching and technology.  He works at a private school where only 30% of his clientele can afford to pay the full tuition.  The balance is paid by the community.  Hence, is has a very strict budget and must be careful how he spends money.  When he talks about the projects going on in his school, he cannot hide his enthusiasm.  Like Stone Soup, he has made a lot out of a little.

He talked about the importance of having a vision and looking ahead when making decisions today.  He also explained the importance of leaders leading by example.  It is very clear that Sebastien leads by example and models the skills and attitudes he wants his team to have.  He makes himself available to his staff for professional development or support.  He has a blog, website and is active on Twitter.  Sounds like a pedagogical leader to me!  Thanks for sharing your vision and knowledge, Sebastien.

After my first experience (0/100), I have to admit I was rather gun shy or should I say shutter shy.  I didn't realize just how much until it was time for me to ask Jacques if I could take his picture.  Trust me, it had nothing to do with him.  He was more than accommodating.  Fortunately, after breaking the ice it was easier asking Sebastien.  I didn't get overly creative or technical with either photo but I'm hoping with each new 'stranger' the asking will get easier and the photography will improve.


susanvg said...

I admire your courage - I don't think I would find it easy to approach 100 strangers.

Oscar Pistorius said...

I admire your courage keep it up