Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 67 - BIG Dog

We're about to embark on kitchen and bathroom renovations. The good news is that it involved going to one of Peg's favourite stores (Antique Chez Ti Pere) and pick out a new dining room set. The store is about 20 minutes from the bridge on Highway 20. After a fruitful albeit expensive trip to the store we headed back into town. We passed this not so little fellow on the way. We've passed him many times before and I often say that we should stop and take a pic. Since we're on March Break we decided today would be a good day. This guy is at the entrance of a dog sledding place. They also have a sugar cabin and paintball facilities. Interesting combination??
When I was editing I zoomed in and noticed that the little yellow plaque was there to let me know that I was being surveyed by a camera. I guess I wasn't the only one taking pictures.


Gisele said...

Big doggy is watching you! Did it say why? I couldn't read it no matter how big I made it. I'm guessing so that no drunk people decide it would be fun to drive the dog around town.

longneys said...

It's written in French but the translation is: Smile, you're under camera surveillance. It doesn't mention why but your idea sounds pretty plausible.

Hood said...

I dunno if there are tagging issues in Quebec (perhaps not), but I can see some of our locals envisioning that dog as a canvas for spray paint art. So vandalism is always another possibility.

That sure is one big dog! It's nice that you fit the trees in there--they provide a sense of scale.

susanvg said...

I guess the three activities give them year round revenue. This fellow looks friendly even if he is keeping an eye on you.