Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12 - Music to our Ears

One thing I like about teaching is the opportunity of having previous students come back and visit. It's fun to see how they've matured and grown. Today a few of our alumni returned with their high school band. Not only was it fun to tap my foot along with the music but it was great to see some of our 'old' students sharing their talents. The younger students enjoyed the music and it allowed them to see opportunities to explore in the future.

Canon XSi
Lens: 100 mm
Focal Length: 200
F/stop: 4
Exposure: 1/60
ISO: 400


Anonymous said...

very nice perspective and composition

Sandra V. said...

Oh I love this - brings back memories of playing in my highschool band. Really nicely composed and works well in black and white.

susanvg said...

Nice composition - that is the photograph - I can't read the music due to DOF ;-)

Olga said...

Very interesting and sensitive photo. Thank you for sharing.

Julie McLeod said...

This is terrific, Shelley. You made really good use of depth of field to isolate the young musician and his instrument. Nice choice to process in black and white too because it eliminates distractions.

M Coleman said...

Love the 'over the shoulder' perspective in this shot in addition to the the other commenters' observations!