Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11 - Mexican Iguana

A friend and colleague of mine spent part of his Xmas holiday in Mexico. While he was there he picked up this cute, colourful, crafted iguana. I love the colours and patterns created with beads. I'm not a lizard fan but this guy's okay in my books.
To take the picture I took the Xmas cactus out of the living room so that the iguana would appear to be surrounded by greenery. I then turned off all the lights and used the Photo Soft Box app on my iPad. I was home alone so it was a bit tricky. I set up the tripod and then held the remote control in one hand and the iPad in the other. I held the iPad above the iguana and set it on yellow so it would appear as the iguana was sunning himself. See some things to improve but overall I'm happy with the shot. I really love my new app.

Canon XSi
Lens: 100 mm
Focal Length: 100
F/stop: 4
Exposure: 3 (Bulb)
ISO: 400


Anonymous said...

beautiful colors on this guy!

Sandra V. said...

Oh wow - this is great! I want an iPad now - haha. It sounds like loads of fun to play with!

Misty said...

Creative way of taking that shot! I like it a lot!

Kristy Johnson said...

Wow! You put a lot of hard work into this shot! Nice work!

susanvg said...

Just put the app on an ipad - I'll have to follow your instructions. Nicely done.